Amnesia The Original - Regular

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World’s most exclusive home-grow; Regular Amnesia seeds

The origins of Original Amnesia, created by a Super Strains, is a 1996 crossing between a Nevil’s haze with an Afghan. The result from this original crossing and harvest is still to this day what the industry considers the original amnesia strain. Regular seeds, stored in the depth of our Super Strains vault and available for sale. Our current germination percentage for this batch of original seeds lies at 75% hence the starting price currently on offer. The price for 1,2 or 3 seeds is exactly the same – 2000 euro excluding sales tax. If you can splash the cash for a world exclusive home grow – we here to assist you in any way possible – but more realistically focussed on professional growers looking to boost their inventory. Please note – these are 25 year old – regular seeds.


Super Strains has been the home of original amnesia seeds since 1996.

Super Strains is the proud inventor of the world-renowned Amnesia strain. This legendary plant and multiple cannabis cup winner is still a cornerstone of our collection. Amnesia by Super Strains is famous for her stimulating effect and one-of-a-kind flavor. She combines the best sativa flavors with the sweetest Indica aromas, creating a dense smoke that smells out of this world. Her taste is unique and not comparable to any other. Soft, liquid almost and the high is euphoric and feels endless. This wonderful Sativa dominant queen has succeeded in captivating a world wide audience over the past 25 years. She showcases many of the traits so sought after in cannabis: she flowers in record time, her yield is magnificent, her potency is brutal and her organoleptic traits are simply unique.

Original Amnesia / FLAVOR

The taste and aroma of Original Amnesia are very intense and refined, marvelously mixing hints of citrus, cedar, incense and spices. A tasty combination that captivates all those who taste her. Amnesia by Super Strains is famous for her stimulating effect, as she combines the best sativa flavors with the sweetest Indica aromas. Your taste buds will experience an unique and spectacular flavor – where you can easily tell the incensed tones from her sativa inheritance apart from the sweeter tones given to this strain through her Indica genetics.

Original Amnesia / EFFECT

Original Amnesia is one of those cannabis seeds that the collection of thrill-seekers and Sativa-lovers shouldn’t do without. She produces a clearly Sativa effect, very potent, stimulating, euphoric and long-lasting, that goes straight to the head and finishes with a very profound and pleasant sensation of physical relaxation. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget.

Original Amnesia / INDOOR

She is always a pleasure to work with, a strain with exemplary behavior. Her overall potency becomes more than evident during the cultivation. She flowers very fast, at par with the best sativa sprinter, and crosses the finish line like a champ. Indoors, she’s ready in just 65-70 days and, outdoors, the time to harvest arrives by mid-/late October. As a matter of fact, she grows so fast and so vigorously that stopping the vegetative phase after 3 weeks indoors is necessary to avoid having serious space issues during the flowering. Another major advantage of this strain is her ability to cope with moisture- and plague-related problems.

Original Amnesia / OUTDOOR

Original Amnesia is a marijuana plant whose vigour exceeds any ordinary parameters. Despite her Sativa nature, she looks more Indica-like. Growing rather tall, with lots of branches and medium distance between nodes, she produces numerous thick, hard and highly resinous buds all over her body. Original Amnesia is a heavy-yielding strain. In fact, she can provide up to 600 g/m2 indoors and some 1200 g/plant outdoors. All the buds she produces are rock-hard, elongated, thick and covered in smelly resin. She thrives in warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates, as well as under the protection of the greenhouse.

Type of strain

Mostly Sativa


max. 250 cm


Up to 650 gr/m2

Harvest month outdoor


Flowering time indoor

9 – 10 weeks






Bright, High, Inspiring

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