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Automatic Fini can be grown almost anywhere.

Automatic Fini should definitely be considered by growers who haven’t had the chance to cultivate the famous AK-47 strain. Super Strains’ autoflowering version might be a little smaller in contrast to the original, but when we grow older we learn that the finer things in life come in smaller packages. The appearance of this plant resembles the classic AK-47 strain, a sativa-dominant plant which is famous for its strong high and heavy yields. This autoflowering strain will be ready for harvest in about 12 weeks from seed. In this period she will grow to about 80-120cm high. Automatic Fini is an easy to grow strain, one of those plants that even in less experienced hands, will still yield above average results. It has a fruity flavor full of contrasting nuances and subtle hints of pepper or incense.


A strain that can be successfully grown in a life cycle of roughly 12 weeks

Automatic Fini by Super Strains is an autoflowering version of the amazing AK-47 strains, from which the best of phenotypes were chosen to be crossed with the Super Strain’s best autoflowering strains. After various generations, a champion was chosen due to its compact structure and intense aromas. Automatic Fini provides all lovers of AK-47 strain the chance to grow this remarkable strain with a short autoflowering life cycle. Automatic Fini has complex flavors and it’s capable of producing top quality extracts thanks to its amazing resin yield. The effect is well balanced and a nice mix of uplifting, activating components and a soft body stone. The effect is gradual and it changes as time goes by – it begins with a strong mental effect which little by little becomes a heavy bodily relaxation.

Automatic Fini / FLAVOR

While its scent is sour and earthy, its sweet, floral notes can only be fully realized in the taste. It has a fruity flavor full of contrasting nuances and with subtle hints of pepper or incense. AK-47 will deliver a steady and long-lasting cerebral buzz that will keep you mentally alert and engaged in your creative or social activities.

Automatic Fini / EFFECT

The high smokers get after consuming buds from this strain is often accompanied by feelings of inner happiness, and the urge to get out there and do something. After time passes, the experience shifts towards a comfortable body stone, allowing muscles to relax after a long day. Keep your small collection of fully automatic AK’s indoor and all will be fine with the world!

Automatic Fini / INDOOR

There are many advantages of growing this strain indoors, as it grows extremely fast and has a small, easy to manage plant structure. And all this without compromising its amazing yield capacity. With 9 plants per square meter you can get yields of up to 550gram per m2 and they should be ready for harvest just 12 weeks after germination. During the last few weeks of flowering, the smell will get pretty intense, so we recommend keeping your anti-odor filter in working order. 

Automatic Fini / OUTDOOR

Automatic Fini can be harvested after an autoflowering life cycle of roughly 12 weeks from seed. Growers can expect to grow plants that stay relatively compact, with average heights of 80-120cm, but you can still get up to 150g per plant.  It’s also quite resistant to various climate-related challenges and pest issues. Thanks to its resistance against low temperatures, you can grow this strain practically all year. Limited growing spaces like balconies, terraces or smaller indoor setups will be ideal for this autoflowering strain. 

Type of strain

Mostly Indica


max. 120 cm


Up to 550 gr/m2

Harvest month outdoor

12 weeks from seed

Flowering time indoor

12 weeks from seed






Stoned mellow

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