Frozen Black Cherry - Feminized

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Frozen Black Cherry

Our new Frozen Black Cherry is packed with THC and has an extremely frosty appearance. She is an adaptable strain that does well with different growing techniques and environments. In a short flowering time of just 8-9 weeks, she delivers heavy yields of fruity, sweet, resin-soaked buds.

Her terpene profile has addictive potential and is made up of aromas of fresh wild berries and a slightly sour note, with the dominating aroma of juicy cherries. She has a taste that you just can’t get enough of. The strain boasts such high resin production that the buds appear frozen and covered in a thick layer of ice. Sparkling white, beautiful and incredibly strong.

Frozen Black Cherry is the cross of our popular and unique Blackberry Moonrocks with a potency selected Pacific Frost. Both parent strains boast extremely high resin production and a diverse terpene profile. The complex terpene profile of Blackberry Moonrocks combined with Pacific Frost results in an aroma of cherries, red berries and grapes that is to die for. Frozen Black Cherry combines exceptionally high potency with an unforgettable taste experience.

The buds of this strain are rock hard, super sticky, typically indica and produce a smooth enjoyable smoke that is extremely fruity and sweet. The strain can reach a THC level of an impressive 36% and is among the most potent strains in the world.

Its effects build up steadily and quickly immediately after consumption, releasing an unimagined power. Sensory distortions can occur and trippy effects set in while the sense of time seems to blur. It brings with it a distinctly psychedelic component and music suddenly attains a much greater breadth and depth. At the same time, a deep physical relaxation spreads and the worries and stress of the day simply disappear. The effect on body and mind is multifaceted and offers a good opportunity to enrich certain activities, if you are still able to do so.

Growing Frozen Black Cherry

Plants of this strain reach a medium height indoors and need sufficient light to reach their full potential. Shortly after flowering begins, excessive resin production begins, peaking at the end of flowering when all buds are literally engulfed in resin. She produces high yields indoors of up to 500g/m² (outdoors 1000 g/plant). Due to their bushy structure, it is advantageous to defoliate the plants indoors 1-3 times during the growth phase, so that the side branches and flowers get even more light.

Yield quality can be further enhanced by using a UVB lamp during the last 3 weeks of flowering. This helps push THC levels to the above-average levels that the strain is genetically designed for.

Therapeutic effects

Physiologically, it can relieve pain and help reduce stress.

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