Gnomo - Auto

Size: 1 hạt

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Blue Monster x Ruderalis

  • Seed:  Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Relaxing
  • THC: 16 %
  • Features: For beginners
  • Flavor: Fruity, Sweet
  • Complete cycle: 60-65 days
  • Average height: 50
  • Yield 400 gr/m2
  • Yield 200 gr/plant

Blue Pleasure to Scale

The Gnomo Auto is the autoflowering cannabis seed version of our prized and award-winning Mataró Blue. As we did so well with the absolute feminized version, we had to offer the world a small-scale version so that all kinds of growers could enjoy it. This little blue gnome can thrive anywhere and work his magic from his hiding place. 

Given its ancestry (the same Blue Monster that gives rise to the Mataró Blue with one of our favorite Ruderalis), it is a hybrid plant with the very inclined balance of the indica variety, with such a fine relaxing effect that it is considered therapeutic.  It is also a very versatile plant, which can also be used to make tinctures and edibles or to make good quality extractions. When space is a problem, the Gnome Auto is the solution. 

Particularly noteworthy is that, despite its small size, it has the production levels of other more powerful automatics and very good stability.

How to: Gnomo Auto

There have been cases of Gnomo Auto specimens that have exceeded one meter in height, even reaching 1.40 meters, but this is not the norm. It is a plant of small stature, discreet and easy to house. Like its older sister, in the final flowering stage, its leaves and flowers offer beautiful blue tones.

Indoors, the whole process is summarized in two or three weeks of growth and six weeks of flowering. Despite its size, it is capable of yielding 400 grams per square meter, thanks to its abundant and very tight buds. As for other indica automatics that we have designed at Kannabia Seed Company, we recommend photoperiods of no less than 18 hours of light. 

Outdoors it will be a little taller and more productive, offering several harvests. In the northern hemisphere, it should be planted in March to enjoy plenty of sunshine, but if you live in a place where temperatures don’t drop below 10ºC, you may choose to plant it at other times of the year. It can yield 200 grams per plant, which is not too shabby for an automatic of this size. 

As it has a fir tree shape and is very compact, we recommend that you be careful with humidity; if it is excessive it can seep where we don’t want it to.

Flavor and Effect of the Gnomo Auto

With a name like Gnomo Auto, this autoflowering cannabis seed had to taste like fresh forest and acidic berries, like nature. Of course, we have to highlight the velvety fragrance of its smoke, very easy to taste.

Its effect is so indica that it almost ceases to be hybrid. Very relaxing and beneficial, recommended for mood or anxiety problems, it works as a muscle relaxant and a THC of 16% that helps you fall asleep. Believe us, it can become your best friend.

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