Haze Queen - Feminized

Size: 3 hạt

Đăng nhập hoặc Đăng kí để xem giá và mua sản phẩm


  • Yield: 650g/m² • 1000 g/plant
  • Genetics: Mostly Sativa
  • Flowering time: 9-11 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: End of October, begin of November
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Height: 140-180 cm • 200-300 cm
  • THC: 28%
  • Aromas/ flavors: Lemon, clove, anise and spicy.

Haze Queen

Haze Queen is a highly developed variety that delivers an outstanding flavor and an extreme potency. We have bred over several years hundreds of different Haze plants from US, Dutch and Spain genetics to create this unique strain.

This Haze is perfect for Indoor-grows, she is getting not as tall as many other Hazes and has a reduced flowering time of only 9-11 weeks. Most hazes have much longer flowering times. The flowers are completely covered with resin and get very heavy. Haze Queen has a good mold and spider mite resistance. The 10% proportion of Indica only causes more dense, resinous flowers and bigger harvests. The smoke and the effects are 100% Haze. This is an ideal strain for people who love the Sativa hit but want a Haze that finishes quicker and has a fascinating strong high.

Growing Haze Queen

Indoors Haze Queen plants do well in hydro or soil and growers need to trim them so that they stay in bounds. This variety is well suited for the SCROG-method.

Medical Use

Haze Queen is great for daytime activities, to increase the creativity or for evening socialising. In medical use, it can help with poor appetite and stress.

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