Mexican Candy – Feminized

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Discover the amazing fruity taste of of the tropics

Super Strains’ Mexican Candy is a potent feminized marijuana seed and aromatic hybrid of a Mexican Sativa with a Hawaiian Indica. Although a 50/50 hybrid, the strain leans more towards the sativa side when it comes to her growing traits and effect. If planted in May or June, she will reach a height of 3 meters and offers something truly unique; standing out from a sea of often very similar hybrids. Despite the strong influence of its Mexican sativa heritage, her indoor bloom time is only 65-70 days, which is considered short for a haze-like plant. The effect of Mexican Candy is powerful, energetic and brings positivism, making her suitable to enjoy at any time of day. An enjoyable fruity taste and a happy effect you definitely do not want to miss out on.


Mexican Candy is one of Super Strains favorite plants to breed with.

You don’t need to travel across the world to try these tropical flavors. Mexican Candy from Super Strains is a perfectly balanced hybrid between an Hawaiian Indica and Mexican Sativa. A feminized variety with high THC levels and sweet flavors which consistently yields 500 grams indoors per m2 and almost double when grown outdoors. Mexican Candy will be ready for harvest in the month of October and is famous for her high yields, vibrant terpene profile and her colorful flowers. She has beautifully contrasting exotic flavors that demanding smokers will thoroughly enjoy; both sweet and tropical. She has an energizing and elevating effect; after a while you’ll begin to notice a lovely Indica relaxation. One of Super Strains favorite strains to breed with.

Mexican Candy – FLAVOR 

The strong Mexican influence in this sativa/indica hybrid adds a pleasant floral undertone to her sweet and fruity flavor. Especially her fresh flowers carry this odor when cured. When properly dried, the smell gets a little darker and less sharp. When you light her buds, the heavy smoke blends fruity, herbal and floral notes into an eclectic mix that will please a wide variety of cannabis connoisseurs around the globe. 

Mexican Candy – EFFECT

With 22% THC, Mexican Candy delivers a fast-acting and powerful high. She delights however with a smooth smoke and a very strong but clear high. The effect of Mexican Candy is powerful, energetic and brings positivism and relaxation. These characteristics make this strain suitable to enjoy at any time of day. A delicious fruity taste and a happy effect never seems to disappoint!

Mexican Candy – INDOOR

Indoors, these plants tend to quadruple in size during their flowering period. Keep that in mind when planting this strain, as you’ll only need to plant 4-5 plants per square meter and the vegetative period will also be much shorter than usual. You’ll have to prune the plant’s apical stem before switching plants to the 12h light period. By doing this, you’ll be rewarded with a garden full of spongy and ultra resinous sativa buds. Despite her Mexican sativa genetics in her parentage, the strain flowers over a surprisingly short period. In just 9-10 weeks of flowering she is ready for harvest.

Mexican Candy – OUTDOOR

Outdoors, these plants display their best results when grown under sunlight. You’ll need to choose a sunny area with a little bit of shade during the hottest hours – only if you live somewhere with punishingly hot summers. If you live more towards the northern latitudes, where summers are shorter, then we recommend growing in a (very large) flowerpot so you can move the plants to shelter when it rains at the end of the summer. Plant her outdoors and she can reach a height of 3 meter thanks to her sativa vigor. Ready for harvest towards the second half of October and rewarding growers with spectacular yields.

Type of strain

Hybrid 50/50


max. 180 cm


Up to 500 gr/m2

Harvest month outdoor


Flowering time indoor

9 – 10 weeks






Clear high, Strong

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