Swiss Dream CBD - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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  • Ratio: 31:1 (CBD:THC)
  • Seed:  Feminized
  • CBD: 7 %
  • Effect: Relaxing
  • THC: 0,22 %
  • Flavor: Spiced
  • Flowering cycle: 70-75 days
  • Yield 550-600 gr/m2
  • Harvest: October
  • Yield 800 gr/plant

Let’s all go to therapy

The fact that Kannabia Seed Company is a popular seed bank in terms of feminized medical marijuana seeds is thanks to some very successful strains like Swiss Dream CBD, a seed that works perfectly as a marijuana plant, with great Cannabidiol analytics. Its flavor full of character and its productivity round off the list of qualities so that it continues to be at the top of our sales.

Without revealing more details than we can, we must confess that we spent quite a few years crossing and stabilizing seeds with very special properties until we came up with the perfect formula. Swiss Dream CBD has a dominant indica personality and a CBD level close to 7% with a THC level of 0.2%, so the ratio usually scores in at 31:1 between the two components. A lot of power as a result, without a psychoactive effect and with the benefits associated with cannabinoids.

This plant has the ability to relax the body to levels typical of a muscle relaxant without the drawbacks that many of these relaxant medicines have.

How to: Swiss Dream CBD

The reliability of Swiss Dream CBD also translates into a certain ease in terms of cultivation and productivity. Despite having indica dominance, its formal appearance is that of a sativa feminized marijuana plant: leafy and expansive.

For this reason, it is a good idea to control its growth indoors. It has a short internodal span and very extensive branching. We can tame its height simply by doing some apical pruning so that its leafy nature plays in our favor. Its flowering cycle under these conditions is between 70 and 75 days and we have calculated a yield of more than half a kilo per square meter (even 600 grams) for a height that is around 1.2 meters per plant.

Its productivity is even better outdoors, reaching 800 grams per plant — something spectacular for a plant designed for medical purposes that has pointed and dense buds, full of resin. In this case it is also suitable to use them for extractions or for the production of oils or infusions. It is harvested in October and reaches two meters in height without more attention being paid to it than is done with any other feminized marijuana plant. 

Swiss Dream CBD Flavor and Effect

Due to its genetic combination, this is a feminized marijuana seed that has a noticeable diesel and ginger aroma. It also has an interesting citrus background. It is spicy, but in a subdued way.

The best thing about Swiss Dream CBD, as you might expect, is in the effect that its CBD load has on the body. In this particular case, we are dealing with a plant with versatile characteristics — without any specific specialization. It is a magnificent relaxant with zero psychoactive consequences; thus, it can be consumed daily. 

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