Yuhbary - Feminized

Size: 3 hạt

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  • Loại hạt: Feminized
  • Sản lượng: 450 - 500 g/m2 - Lên đến 900 g/cây 
  • 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
  • Thời gian ra hoa: 9 - 10 tuần
  • Chiều cao: 90-140 cm • 120-250 cm
  • Thích hợp canh tác indoor và outdoor
  • THC: +32%
  • Mùi hương và hương vị: Dưa hấu ngọt


Yuhbary is the most delicious and precious fruit that has ever grown in your garden. Her aroma is impressively intense, complex and simply heavenly fruity. This highly potent premium cannabis variety is created from two premium, aromatic and THC-rich strains: the rare Apricot Jelly and our popular Gelato Dream. Both strains stand out for their special terpene profile as well as for their above-average potency. Thus was born Yuhbary, a cannabis strain that will enchant your sense of taste and your mind.

Just as versatile and vibrant as its aroma is, so is its effect. The high develops immediately and delivers an incredible energy boost, accompanied by a stream of euphoria and happy feelings. At the same time, it inspires your creativity and you can do all mental tasks with a big grin. The effect lasts long and spreads throughout your mind, making you focused and expanding your senses at the same time. The body feels light and seems to float. However, due to its enormous potency, it is only recommended for experienced users. Her aroma is a unique blend of flavors of sweet melon, delicious candy, and a hint of nutmeg.

Growing Yuhbary

During the vegetative phase, it grows quickly and vigorously. In the flowering phase, Yuhbary stretches significantly and forms a large quantity of thick glistening flowers soaked in resin. It responds well to various plant training methods such as super-cropping and pruning, making it easy to control for height growth indoors while increasing yield. In 9-10 weeks of flowering, she produces XL yields and produces seductively fragrant and aromatic buds.

Medical use

The extremely high THC content, which can even exceed 32%, makes her a perfect choice for therapeutic use in migraine, depression, anxiety and ADHD/ADS.

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