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Through the article Things you should know about hermaphrodite marijuana plants, we have partly determined the nature and treatment direction. When your cannabis plant becomes hermaphroditic, however, learning about the cause and preventing it from the beginning is still the best solution for this problem.

As you know, hermaphroditism is almost impossible to occur with modern commercial cannabis strains (when seeds are purchased from reputable sources), however if growers Failing to ensure a reasonable growth environment—bringing unnecessary stress—to the plant, the plant's hermaphrodite "feature" will be activated.

Stress factors that must be avoided to prevent cannabis plants from becoming hermaphrodite during the flowering stage

1. Unstable light cycle

Light cycle directly affects the growth stages of cannabis plants, especially the flowering stage. You must ensure that the plant receives a regular amount of light every day. Unstable light cycles will cause great stress to the plant, and this is the most common cause of hermaphroditism.

Usually unstable light cycles come from problems we pay little attention to such as light leaks or short circuits.vv... Before each farming season, you must carefully check your farming space to eliminate this possibility. Pay attention to whether your tent/growing room has any gaps or openings that allow outside light to penetrate. no, do the electrical appliances have any unsealed warning lights and do the lights sometimes turn on unexpectedly in the middle of the night due to electrical system problems? If you identify or suspect anything, thoroughly treat it before starting farming.

2. Ambient temperature is not suitable

In nature, cannabis flowers in the fall, when the weather gradually becomes cooler, we need to recreate this environment when cultivating indoors. If the room/grow tent temperature becomes too high during the flowering stage, hermaphroditism is likely to occur. In addition, the growing room temperature is too low when the light is off, or the temperature difference between the time the light is on and the light is off is too large can also cause hermaphroditism.

To prevent this stress factor, use growing room cooling/warming equipment such as air conditioners and heaters to maintain the temperature within the appropriate range for cannabis plants (18-28 °C).

3. The grow light is too bright (or placed too close to the plant)

Excess light leads to light burn, the manifestation of this problem is that the tallest leaves gradually fade or burn spots appear on the leaf surface. Light burning is also one of the common factors that causes hermaphroditism in cannabis plants.

In fact, this problem rarely comes from growers using lights with too high a wattage, but often comes from lights being hung too close to the tops of plants. During the flowering stage, cannabis plants grow in height very quickly, so it is very common for the top of the plant to grow too close to the lamp, so to prevent this factor, you should constantly check and adjust the height of the lamp. to ensure proper distance from the top of the plant during the entire flowering period.

4. Harvesting too late

If a female cannabis plant flowers for too long without being pollinated, the plant will grow male flowers to pollinate itself to ensure that the gene source is continued to the next generation, this is a "feature" of this plant species. Therefore, at the end of the flowering period, continuously check the flower buds to determine the most appropriate harvest time, avoid letting the plant flower for too long.

However, this situation is often not due to growers harvesting too slowly, but due to other stress issues that cause flower buds to not ripen at the right time, leading to prolongation of the flowering period, and The plant will display hermaphroditism before the buds can be harvested. For this reason, we must also avoid other major stressors if we do not want bisexuality to occur.

5. Other major stress factors

Major stress factors include lack/overnutrition, too little/too much watering, root rot, major damage to the tree (broken branches, loss of too many leaves, etc.).vetc.), pests and diseases, inappropriate pH of the substrate. These stress factors may not directly cause hermaphroditism, but still contribute significantly to hermaphroditism in cannabis plants.

During the growth stage, cannabis plants can recover relatively well after these stress factors are thoroughly handled, but during the flowering stage, things are not so simple, so you Be really careful not to make any mistakes during the flowering stage.

The only way to completely solve all of the above stress factors is to continuously learn and accumulate experience through each farming season, gradually we will be able to design an environment and farming process. Perfect cooperation, avoiding all stress factors on the tree right from the start.


You should remember that, even if we do everything perfectly, the risk of a cannabis plant becoming hermaphrodite is always present, even if at a very small rate . Hermaphroditism is a "feature"of the cannabis plant that, whether we like it or not, we will never be able to eliminate it. Fully accept this risk. So, if you encounter a hermaphrodite plant, accept it happily, learn the farming lessons it teaches you, and continue your cannabis farming journey with a new crop. . Good luck!

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