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7th Wave is an Afghan Indica with a difference

Supposedly ocean waves travel in groups of seven, with the 7th being the biggest. You get it: 7th Wave by Super Strains will get you the highest! 7th Wave by Super Strains has become one our best selling seeds; this strain has a lot of old school qualities alongside a hint of something that makes it absolutely unique. For an Indica-based plant she gets you high instead of stoned. One of these tricks only Super Strains seems to pull off. The relative ease and quality of this product will appeal to novice and veteran growers alike. 7th Wave is a hardy and robust Afghani indica strain which thrives both indoors and outdoors. Despite being easy to grow – the plant’s quality will interest even the most experienced connoisseur horticulturist. Short-ish flowering times, good yields and a unique high make this a most captivating cannabis variety.


What has people coming back for more is this strain’s unusual high

When Sting declared in one of his masterpieces – “Love is the Seventh Wave” – he was clearly baked on that 7th Wave, one of Super Strain’s most famous indica-dominant strains. This cultivar provides its consumers with 20% THC and she carries you away on smooth waves of pleasure, washing away any worries built-up during the day. 7th Wave produces a unique high that will tantalize and keep you coming back for more; it is different to any other out there – truly one of a kind. 7th Wave by Super Strains is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation – the hardiness of this strain will make it a great addition to any garden. She is extremely easy to grow thanks to its unusual sativa characteristics, allowing it to put up with high humidity, which could cause fungi or rot in other plants.

7th Wave / FLAVOR

7th Wave produces an extremely smooth smoke, which is interlaced with subtle citrus flavors and pine tones that linger in the mouth. It has a classic flavor and its dense smoke will satiate even the most demanding of smokers. When it comes to the high, 7th Wave has the full works, it is both smooth and delightful. Whisking your mind away as it sinks your body into the depths of relaxation. It is the ideal chill strain, and does well at the end of a hard day, or when you are relaxing with friends at the weekend.

7th Wave / EFFECT

7th Wave by Super Strains is a rare kind of indica. It offers quite a trip, as well as giving its consumer a highly relaxing sensation. Unlike most Indicas, the 7th Wave does not produce a strong physical buzz, but causes a soaring cerebral high. And this rush is also different from that offered by typical sativas. It is almost indescribable and you must experiment to appreciate it. It will keep you in a pleasant state of contemplation and introspection. Ideal to relax and weigh the world around you. Remember; it’s a pretty potent strain and packs a powerful punch.

7th Wave / INDOOR

Whilst the strong genetic makeup of this strain allows it to thrive in outdoor settings, 7th wave does just as well indoors. You can expect a flowering time of 60 days for more than generous yields and this combination makes it a great and viable option for commercial growers. Indoors you won’t need to give this strain much of a growth period as it will keep growing all through the flowering phase. It doesn’t grow out many branches and most of the yield can be found along the central cola, making it perfect for growing in SOG systems with 24 plants per square meter. You’ll be able to get yields of up to 500gr per square meter..

7th Wave / OUTDOOR

Plant heights can vary between 1-1.5m and you can expect a yield of roughly 500g/m2 for your time and effort. It is a good grower that will be suited to all levels of cultivation experience. When grown outdoors, this strain can easily put up with varying conditions allowing you to grow it in almost any climate. Its fast flowering period should be over towards the middle of September. It’s extremely easy to grow thanks to its forgiving sativa characteristics, which allows it to put up with high humidity which could cause fungi or rot in other plants.

Type of strain

Mostly Indica


Max 150 cm


Up to 500 gr/m2

Harvest month outdoor


Flowering time indoor

8 – 9 weeks







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