Amajikoym – Feminized

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Amajikoym provides a cerebral high that will never disappoint.

In the ever-expanding cannabis market past glories mean very little. Although no longer considered a newcomer, Amajikoym has become an instant classic and is still the tallest sativa in our collection. This strain truly delivers the crisp, smooth, room filling smoke that is sought after by many sativa lovers. She will induce a strong, creeping cerebral high that will not disappoint. Growers be warned now, Amajikoym by Super Strains is an indomitable mountain of a plant. Novice and commercial growers may wish to look at other strains. This strain is only for the connoisseur and veteran looking for a rewarding challenge. If you are skilled enough to scale this mountain then the views are amazing. It rewards those who persevere with amazing yields and quality.


Amajikoym may be high maintenance, but this fine lady is worth it.

Amajikoym by Super Strains is a tough nut to crack, but if you can manage it you will be rewarded with some truly high quality cannabis. The flavor and aromas of Amajikoym are both gentle and smooth, beautiful combining with her powerful cerebral effect. Amajikoym is a dominant sativa strain that can easily adapt to her surroundings making the plant suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Under stable conditions she will provide fantastic results. Flowering times are roughly 75-80 days for optimal yields and you can expect a harvest in excess of 600gram /m2 for your time and effort. To get the most out of this strain’s cannabinoid production, we recommend using organic fertilizers and nutrients, which will increase the flavor substantially.

Amajikoym / FLAVORS

Amajikoym has an incredible smell, the smoke from this strain is full of sweet tones, woody nuances and has a slightly sour aftertaste. Her taste is similar to other Asian, Sativa varieties. She has a strong flavor and an earthy aroma, organic but with a floral note. The cerebral high will have you appreciating the beauty around you and discussing matters with friends long into the night. Amajikoym will certainly bring out the philosopher in you and help you focus on what is important in life.

Amajikoym / EFFECT

As can be expected with this sativa-dominant variety, the effect is a strong high with a pleasant gradient. She will induce a strong, creeping cerebral high that will not disappoint. It has a mentally and physically stimulating effect, allowing its consumer to do any sort of activity without being too out of it. It’s perfect for mental stimulation and ideal for those who work in areas that require creativity such as writing, painting or designing.

Amajikoym / INDOOR

Indoors this strain is particularly productive and it has a flowering period of 75-80 days. And the resulting yield is definitely worth the wait. It grows out tall and slender, allowing you to place 16 plants per square meter without worrying about space. We recommend pruning the lower branches in order to get the most production out of the central stem. Well looked after plants will end producing up to 600 grams per square meter.

Amajikoym / OUTDOOR

In outdoor grows this strain prefers warm areas with a lot of sunlight. A long distance between nodes enables the plant to adapt to areas with high humidity. Amajikoym should be ready for harvesting in early October, making it one of the best options for those looking for a nice sativa effect without having to wait out the long sativa flowering period. The yield can be generous under stable conditions – getting up to 750g per plant. Amajikoym can become a behemoth if grown outdoors, growing up to 3x3m in dimensions.

Type of strain

Mostly Sativa


Max 300 cm


Up to 600 gr/m2

Harvest month outdoor


Flowering time indoor

11 weeks






Smooth high

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