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Do you want gorgeous plants at any point in the season?

Super Strains collection packs combine different cannabis strains within a single package and our Autoflower collection pack is an ideal starting place for novice growers. A selection of easy to grow strains that can withstand less than ideal climatic conditions and less experienced hands. The beauty of seed variety packs is that you can experience a wide selection of unique phenotypes, whereas our regular seed packs contain a lot less genetic diversity. As our customers have become accustomed with over the past 30+ years – you’ll find only our very best autoflower strains in this variety pack – guaranteed to keep your stash jars full for months on end. The feminized autoflower collection pack focuses on both yield and speed without compromising on flavor and aroma. Three popular strains in their own right – together they represent the best autoflowering genetics Super Strains currently has on offer.  An amazing selection of popular seeds if you’re hunting for top-shelf autoflowering cannabis strains.

The Autoflowering Collection contains 3 feminized autoflower seeds:

Super Strains – The Autoflower Collection

Many growers are single-minded in their search for cannabis seeds, seeking only one single strain, while others have a hard time choosing which strain to grow. Finding your personal flavor or favorite is often hard because of the incredible variety and choice. The  Super Strain collection packs are perfect for growers who want to try more than one type of cannabis seed and those looking for a new best ‘friend’. Want to enjoy 3 amazing autoflower strains from the home of the original Amnesia? The Autoflower collection pack does just that and offers the combination with a considerable discount.

The Autoflower Collection consists of 3 different feminized Autoflower seeds:

1/ Automatic Fini

A strain that can be successfully grown in a life cycle of roughly 12 weeks. 

Automatic Fini by Super Strains is an autoflowering version of the amazing AK-47, provides growers the chance to grow this remarkable strain with a short autoflowering life cycle. Automatic Fini has complex flavors and it’s capable of producing top quality extracts thanks to its amazing resin yield. The effect is well balanced and a nice mix of uplifting, activating components and a soft body stone.

2/ DFA Autoflower

This quality blend of genetics ensures strong growth, natural resistance and large buds.

DFA autoflowering is an easy to grow  variety, a complex crossing of Enemy of the State with several anonymous strains. This breeding has produced an incredibly productive plant with a sturdy structure, thick buds and the heavy Indica effect of Enemy of the State. DFA Autoflowering features a THC content of around 16%, it has dense and compact buds, and a stunningly sweet aromatic profile.

3/ Turing Autoflowering

Smokers will get a long-lasting and strong stone, typical for quality Afghan genetics.

Turing Autoflowering is one of those automatic strains that will put an instant smile on your face. Turing Autoflowering may not convince with excessive levels of THC, or crazy fruity flavors, but it treats growers to a major growing advantage in return: the power to survive in tough climatic conditions. When a strain can survive in the cold mountain regions of Afghanistan, it can be grown almost anywhere..

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