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Looking to add some medicinal variety to your garden?

It takes a lot to earn premium status, but the strains in our CBD collection are worthy of that honor. All 3 strains are widely used, both commercial and home growers have discovered the amazing qualities Super Strains CBD strains have to offer. All 3 strains included in our CBD collection pack have a CBD content higher than 14% and their THC content varies between 0,2% and 2%. The end products are great for making oils and concentrates. Our Collection packs contain selections of the best cannabis genetics Super Strains currently has on offer. Purchasing our collection 3-packs allows gardeners the opportunity to sample a wider variety of plants, without having to invest in several different packs of seeds. You’ll be astounded by the sheer quality, cannabinoid content, terpene profile and yield of Super Strains collection packs. And remember, variety is the spice of life!

The CBD Collection contains 3 different feminized CBD seeds:

Super Strains – The CBD Collection

Many growers are single-minded in their search for cannabis seeds, seeking only one single strain, while others have a hard time choosing which strain to grow. Finding your personal flavor or favorite is often hard because of the incredible variety and choice.  The collection packs are perfect for growers who want to try more than one type of cannabis seed and those looking for a new best ‘friend’. Want to enjoy 3 amazing CBD strains from the home of the original Amnesia? The CBD collection pack does just that and offers the combination with a considerable discount.

The CBD Collection consists of 3 different feminized CBD seeds: 

1/ Eden

She has a pleasant and smooth flavor with minty and menthol back tones

A 70% sativa dominant hybrid, Eden CBD genetics finds most of its origin in Switzerland and is crossed with some of Super Strain’s best Dutch Indica genetics. This cannabis seed has a huge future as complies to laws and regulations of all CBD producing countries. One of the plant’s best qualities is her incredibly low THC content of only 0.2 percent, which is below the magical limit.

2/ Agartha 

Agartha combines absolute mouthwatering taste with the serene effects of CBD

This cannabis strain was one of the first incursions of Super Strains in the world of high content in CBD genetics and over the past couple of years it has gained notoriety among those who focus on the wellness and medicinal properties of cannabis. Anyone who’s familiar with the “entourage effect” will know that strains like Agartha provide consumers a complete entourage experience.

3/ Saga

CBD levels are pushed to new heights by this chilled-out cannabis strain.

Saga by Super Strains is the result of rigorous selective breeding conducted to produce a strain with high levels of CBD and minimal levels of THC. The end result of this breeding project has presented a strain featuring >20% CBD and 0.9% THC – a stunning achievement.  The organoleptic properties of Saga are a real joy delighting with an exotic and spicy taste.

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