Colombian Jack - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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Mô tả

Nebula x Black Jack

  • Seed: Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Balanced
  • THC: 28 %
  • Culture: Hydroponic
  • Features: Good for extractions
  • Flavor: Citric
  • Flowering cycle: 68-70 days
  • Yield 500 gr/m2
  • Harvest: End of October
  • Yield 600 gr/plant

Sativa to the power of three

All our years of experience as a seed bank (as well as a great deal of effort and dedication) have made it possible for us to christen this sativa-dominant feminised marijuana seed, and to be able to say that it’s ours. Colombian Jack is one of our most outstanding seeds, and we’re very proud of the comments we receive from you (and of the occasional award).

This sativa-dominant plant is growing in fame thanks to its unusual potency. We’re talking about THC levels that are close to 29%, and sampling it will take you to another dimension. Of course, we recommend it if you already have some experience in cultivation. Whilst it’s not complicated, it does need attention if you want to optimise production; patience is also required because its flowering period is slightly later than in other seeds. We assure you that it’s worth waiting for.

By combining two big names, we successfully launched Colombian Jack, which won the Best Sativa prize at Expogrow in 2018: it has genes from Paradise Seeds’ Nebula (a powerful and productive sativa whose aromas journey from Afghanistan to California) and Black Jack (a vigorous giant with notes of incense).

The result exceeded everyone’s expectations. With an intense citrus flavour of lime and grapefruit and an inspiring essential resin, it’s the most powerful seed you’ll find at Kannabia

How to: Colombian Jack

This seed will grow both indoors and outdoors without any problems. If you plan to grow it indoors, we recommend controlling its space so that it doesn’t grow excessively. Bring it into bloom a little earlier in more modest-sized pots. In good conditions, you can collect between 450 and 500 grams per square metre.

If you let it grow outdoors, it will reach the sky – we’ve seen Colombian Jack plants that could exceed heights of three metres. Bear this in mind because it may need to grow longer roots than usual and you’ll have to dig a good hole. Care for it properly because at harvest time you’ll have well-loaded buds with milky trichomes that are any extractor’s dream.

As is often the case with hybrid seeds, Kannabia’s Colombian Jack begins with its own indica development and then brings out its sativa power to shine. The proportion is 30% – 70%.

As we’ve said previously, the flowering period is longer than that of other seeds, varying between 68 and 70 days. The harvest arrives at the end of October. But productivity is generous and – take it from us – is a real reward for waiting so patiently.

Taste and effect of Colombian Jack

It’s hard to find the words to express the effect of Colombian Jack. It’s reserved for true gourmets of fresh herbs. With record levels of THC, the cerebral effect it provokes is one of the most creative we know – pure mental energy which enables you to break free and think outside the box. In addition, it leaves a relaxing influence on the body. We recommend sharing it with friends, using it to create and recreate.

Its flavour is also one of the assets ​​for which it deserved the previously-mentioned award. It has that fine citrus, lime and grapefruit fragrance that is much more elegant than the classic lemon candy that other seeds offer; and it adds that cathedral touch of incense or sandalwood oil thanks to the Black Jack and its Jack Herer heritage. Truly intoxicating.

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