Cookies Haze - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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Mô tả

Super Silver Haze x Afghan

  • Seed: Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Stimulating
  • THC: 23,3 %
  • Features: Pest resistant
  • Flavor: Citric, Fruity, Sweet
  • Flowering cycle: 58-60 days
  • Yield 550-600 gr/m2
  • Harvest: Early October
  • Yield 800 gr/plant

The gourmet candy

Although this feminised marijuana seed is easy to grow (it’ll grow by hook or by crook) its high levels of THC and its characteristic flavour are reserved for true smoking sommeliers. This sativa-dominant hybrid (70% vs. 30% indica) is the optimal formula for those who love long-lasting euphoric effects. Sweetness, power, productivity – it has everything to become one of the great stars of the Kannabia Seed Company.
Its genetics make things clear straight away. We’ve spiced up the great Super Silver Haze with one of the best Afghan indica marijuana seeds, enhancing its effect but making the intake even smoother. It’s a great option for starting the day off on the right foot (particularly if you want to keep migraines or states of anxiety at bay), but in moderation if you don’t want to get too out of it because it’s quite psychoactive. Try it and tell us what you think. If you like Kritikal K at night, you’ll like Cookies Haze in the morning.
As it’s a sativa variety, its yield is very generous. Thanks to its genetic combination, it has tight, well-distributed buds and grows happily like a pine tree. In two months, you’ll look up and be saying, “But I met you when you were only this high!”
Cookies Haze is one of our most special marijuana seeds due to its character and its intensity – the level of THC measured reaches 23% but it can be even higher. And it’s very easy to grow thanks to its ability to adapt to climates and its resistance to pests. You’ll do right to choose it.

How to: Cookies Haze

This marijuana seed calls for an outdoor environment although it can also be grown indoors. We recommend initiating the flowering phase so that the plant doesn’t grow too tall and spoil the crop. In any case, you don’t need to be afraid as it’s pretty productive and very robust. Its indoor production exceeds 500 grams per square metre, and 800 grams per plant outdoors.

As is typical in exceptional sativa varieties, you’ll see the nodes at a fairly wide distance from each other. The branches and leaves are long and pointed, giving it a tree-like appearance.

If you’re going to plant it outdoors in a very humid climate, we recommend treating it with a fungicide because, despite the fact that it resists pests well (even the fearsome red spider) it’s sensitive to grey mould or brotytis. Prevention is better than cure. Its crop is harvested at the beginning of October.

Use fertiliser without fear, but be prepared for your plant to outgrow you as it’s quite normal for this plant reach more than two or even three metres. You’ll have to get a ladder.

Taste and effect of Cookies Haze

The taste of the Cookies Haze seed is modest and enjoyed by everyone. It’s very sweet, with a distinct candy base, a lasting citrus flavour, and a forest aroma beneath. Its effect is intense but the taste won’t be too sickly-sweet.

The effect is quite powerful – even the most experienced smokers will have to measure the amount they want. With the right quantity, it’s the gateway to happiness and euphoria, an elevator that goes straight to the source of inspiration you were searching for. It’s not quite a psychedelic trip, but it’ll be an intense experience nonetheless.

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