Critical Neville Haze 2.0 - Feminized

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genotipo90% Sativa - 10% Indica
Maturation(Interior) 60 to 70 days
Production500 g/m2 Indoor | 1000 g/pl Outdoor

Critical Neville Haze 2.0 is the evolution of our previous Neville genetics, with which we have obtained plants with the same characteristics, but easier to grow and with a notably shorter flowering time.

Its indoor cultivation, unlike its sativa predecessor, is easier and faster. The factor to control is the height, because it is a strain that grows a lot, with aspect and morphology of pure sativa.

Outdoors it develops a lot with large branches that grow in all directions. Its flowering is short, and we can have it ready in only 70 days.

It has a very characteristic aroma haze type spices, touches of wood or coffee. We can also find floral nuances in the background. The flavor is very intense incense, faithful to the smell, but with notes of menthol or pine.

The effect is very powerful sativa. It produces hardly any body effect, but a slight excitement.

No sedative or narcotic effect. Sporadic users may find the psychological effects of this variety too intense.

However, experienced sativa smokers will find this weed a delight to enjoy at any time of the day.

Genotype 90% Sativa - 10% Indica
THC 23,5%
Maturation(Interior) 60 to 70 days
Maturation(Exterior) late October
Flavor Incensed
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 500 g/m2 Indoor | 1000 g/pl Outdoor
Odor Medium
Effect Euphoric
Resistance to mold High
Pest resistance Medium
Sex Feminized
Lineage Critical Mass x Neville Haze
BHO Performance 22%
Irrigation tolerance Medium
Medicinal Value Medium

3º Premio BHO - Secret Cup - Canarias 2015

2º Prize Outdoor - Copa CABA - Argentina 2017

1st Indoor - Mini Copa Pando - Uruguay 2018

1st Prize Indoor - Copa del Eden - Argentina 2019 (@tinchopulgaverde)

1st Prize Indoor - Copa 1422 - Argentina 2019 (@tinchopulgaverde)

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