Dream Sherbet - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties

  • Seed: Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Relaxing
  • THC: 18 %
  • Features: Good for extractions
  • Flavor: Earthy, Sweet
  • Flowering cycle: 63 days
  • Yield 500 gr/m2
  • Harvest: September - October
  • Yield 750 gr/plant

A pure indica

This summery feminised cannabis seed is a delicate jewel of a recent addition to the Kannabia Seed Company. It is the germ of a beautiful plant with an indica personality that offers a refreshing and sweet taste, intoxicating and healing. 

Its therapeutic properties, without being medicinal, are highly recommended for the treatment of stressful processes or episodes of anxiety. The genetic crossbreeding we have worked with to arrive at its happy birth has involved a powerful version of the Sherbet indica we all know and which has given humanity such good times with a delicious, grateful and effective American Pink Panties. It also has Kush-like qualities, with high resin production and large leaves.

It could be classified as a recreational marijuana plant, and it is true that many growers consider it as such, but it is much more than that. Almost without realising it, it helps you see the bright side of things and be happier (which is no mean feat). In our case it is 70% indica, but when you see it grow you won’t need to know it to check it.

When it blooms, with its leafy branches and dense structure, with those orange and pink sparkles against the bluish aura of the Sherbet, and with those bright, sticky pistils, it resembles a neon plant. Spectacular!

How to: Dream Sherbet

This marijuana seed is designed to grow healthy and provide health. Its phenotype gives rise to good resin extractions and withstands the cold with no major problem other than producing a little less -that is why we recommend you follow the calendar we propose-. 

Indoors it has an average flowering period of 63 days to optimise yields, which can reach 500 grams per square metre if a good Screen of Green is used. Don’t be surprised when it reaches its splendour by its intense and penetrating smell. 

Outdoors it grows up to two metres tall and yields an enviable 750 grams per plant, which is no mean feat. Between 25 September and 10 October – the closer to the second date, the better – it is time for collection. 

It resists pests and mildew well, but in its last two to three weeks, make sure it has access to a constant temperature of about 20 C. You will have a compact and dense quasi-fluorescent plant with tight, round buds. Just looking at it and smelling it provokes a Pavlov effect. 

Taste and effect of Dream Sherbet

Sherbet feminised marijuana seeds are known for their indica potency, and this one is no exception. In this case we are talking about 18% THC with a very relaxing, physical and almost sedative effect. The muscle strain is real; you are not imagining it.

The taste is pure refreshment: sweet like a melon, but also sunk into the cool earth and close to the pine trees. You will like it if you like strains with Kush genetics.

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