Gelato-K - Feminized

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Mô tả

Gelato x Bubba Kush

  • Seed: Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Balanced
  • THC: 18,6 %
  • Culture: Warfare
  • Features: Pest resistant
  • Flavor: Fruity, Sweet
  • Flowering cycle: 58-63 days
  • Yield 500 gr/m2
  • Harvest: Early October
  • Yield 650 gr/plant

Cool Temptation

A prize feminized cannabis seed, that’s what Gelato-K is. More precisely, it won first prize for best variety at the 2022 Copa del Mar in Argentina. It has only been around for a couple of years and for many it is already one of the best sativa-dominant hybrids anyone has tried. If this were an ice cream parlor and Gelato-K was our new flavor, the lines would stretch around the block.

It is an advanced version of the mythical Gelato created by the master Mr. Gelato Sherbinsky in the golden state of California, combined with a North American indica and also the legendary Bubba Kush. The former has gained a cult following in recent years, becoming one of the most fashionable varieties worldwide, with a unique flavor. The latter, also in high demand in North America and the rest of the world, is a truly potent indica with Afghan ancestry. 

We ourselves have been surprised with the result, and we gambled on two varieties that are winning horses. What we could not have known was that they would overlap in such a complementary way and that the virtues of both would be combined in a single seed. It is fast flowering, generous in its harvest and very special in terms of flavor. It has a THC level of over 18%, with a rocket effect. We are confident that its name will continue to grow and that it will soon be one of the biggest bestsellers at Kannabia Seed Company. 

How to: Gelato-K

The Gelato K seed, when grown, shows sativa traits; it is spiky and points to the sky. Its nodes are considerably separated, and this allows a good ventilation and illumination of the entire plant. When the time to harvest arrives, it is a beautiful frosty lady with flowers that turn violet and dense buds that are very loaded with rich resin. 

It is easy to grow and does not require a great deal of knowledge or dedication. It thrives indoors. Just make sure that it doesn’t grow too tall to optimize the harvest, for example with Low Stress Training. In a period of 58 to 63 days, you will already have more than 450 grams per square meter to harvest. 

Outdoors, give it a good substrate and enough space to take root, and it will grow as tall as Michael Jordan. Don’t worry too much about pests; she knows how to defend herself. Would we consider more than 600 grams per plant a good production for a sativa hybrid? Well, we think so, don’t you? You will see for yourself in early October.

Flavor and Effect of the Gelato-K

The Gelato-K seed grows the most aromatic flowers in the world. Once you meet her, you will recognize her forever. On the palate, it tastes like a very special lemon sorbet, with a floral flavor and very fresh. 

The happiness that infuses its smoke is incomparable. It is a plant to share with friends and laugh your problems away like never before. It is powerful and elevated, an awakening of euphoria and overwhelming joy, which however also features an indica undertone that allows you to relax. A real treat.

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