Golosa Early Version - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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genotipo10% Sativa - 80% Indica - 10% Ruderalis
Maturation(Interior)EARLY VERSION - 45 days
Production550 g/m2 Indoors | up to 1000 g/pl Outdoors

There are many reasons why we had to create the Golosa Early Version strain. Historically, the classic version of the Golosa has been one of the Top-3 best sellers of Delicious Seeds. In addition, this plant has always stood out for its speed during flowering (it finishes flowering in just two months). So imagine how this ultra-fast version responds.

The Golosa Early Version is the best possible excuse for lovers of kush strains to have an excuse to be smoking well before the normal time required to harvest any indica. Do you belong to this group?

The THC production capacity of this plant has reached a percentage of 26%. In addition, the flowers of this strain will surprise you with its aroma, which goes between green tea and thyme. A combination that immediately transports you to the most idyllic wooded area you can imagine.

And if the classic Golosa was already a great resistant to fungi and other pests, its evolution fast version still gives another turn. In 45 days it has finished flowering, so you are anticipating the appearance of problems and unexpected visitors.

Little more from us. If you are looking for an indica and you want to make it easy for yourself, both for the speed and for its convenience and ease of cultivation, we assure you that it is not worth looking any further.

Genotype 10% Sativa - 80% Indica - 10% Ruderalis
THC 26%
Maturation(Interior) EARLY VERSION - 45 days
Maturation(Exterior) early september
Flavor Sweet fruit
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 550 g/m2 Indoors | up to 1000 g/pl Outdoors
Odor High
Effect Narcotic
Resistance to mold High
Pest resistance Very high
Sex Feminized
Lineage Golosa x Ruderalis
BHO Performance 25%
Irrigation tolerance High
Medicinal Value High

1er Premio - Extraccion con Solventes - Cannabis Cup Castellón - 2018

3rd Outdoor - Copa Volcanna - Lanzarote - 2018

1er Premio - Extracción Hash - Castelló Cannabis Cup - 2019

3er Premio - Extracción con Solvente - Castelló Cannabis Cup - 2019

2º Premio - Iceolator - Copa cannabica Canguro - Uruguay 2019

1st Extraction - Copa Medellín - Colombia 2019 (Glass Grass Shop)

2º Premio Autocultivo Interior - La.Feria De La Costa - Uruguay 2020 (@growingexpierience13 )

1st Indoor - Rosario Cannabis Cup - Argentina 2022 (@growerunknown372 )

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