GSC - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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Mô tả

F1 Durban x OG Kush

  • Seed:  Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Balanced
  • THC: 25 %
  • Features: For beginners
  • Flavor: Citric, Spiced
  • Flowering cycle: 65-70 days
  • Yield 450 gr/m2
  • Harvest: October
  • Yield 500 gr/plant

Mint to psych yourself up

The breeders at the Kannabia Seed Company are very given to working with North American strains (mainly the famous Californian ones) because they’re a team that’s very pro-West Coast. We take all the benefits from them and add our own distinct identity. In this case, it’s a super American feminised marijuana seed, the GSC, with a menthol flavour and a powerful effect (truly potent) that delights expert growers. If you’re a novice or neophyte, bear in mind that this plant will demand a certain level of expertise.
Our design is based on an excellent Girl Scout Cookies (now you know where the acronym comes from), a seed that amazes us, paired with an OG Kush that’s full of diesel fragrance and relaxation. The combination has resulted in enhancing the aromatic flavour and giving scope to its sativa character with unparalleled power
It’s a backcross in a way because the original Girl Scout Cookies already contained OG Kush genes, but this new twist has elevated it to power of five.
Of course, Kannabia’s GSC is synonymous with quality. It’s also a very slender plant, with long branches that are populated with vibrant trichomes. She could work perfectly as a model if catwalks for marijuana plants existed. How wonderful to see her so happy in her place!

How to: GSC

There are other seeds in our bank that we advertise as suitable for beginners but, as we’ve mentioned, GSC isn’t one of them. It requires a little more attention and experience to get the most out of it, and we can assure you it’s well worth the effort to achieve maximum benefits.

It grows reliably with flexible yet long, robust branches, which are full of compact sticky buds loaded with resin. It’s a short plant – indoors, it’ll be a metre high with a bushy shape, but it’s highly efficient. With a flowering period of between 65 and 70 days, you’ll be able to see the obligatory 450 grams per square metre that every grower wants to obtain.

Outdoors, we ask you to find it the warm sunny place that it needs (it’s the only way to collect 500 grams per plant of its delicious fruit in October). It doesn’t exceed a metre and a half in height – it’s small but tough. It’s sensitive to either a lack or an excess of nutrients; it takes what it needs.

We must also warn about its potent aroma (this mixture of terpenes is really explosive). If you plant it indoors and don’t want to disturb it, you’ll have to use an activated carbon filter or another system for extracting odours.

Taste and effect of GSC

The taste is its great strength, surely. An excellent spicy, earthy bouquet, like OG Kush but with that floral, mint, and lavender lift that only a Girl Scout Cookie could give it. It’s long lasting and intense.

Take care with its effects. This feminised marijuana seed gives rare results in laboratory tests – with a THC of 25%. We could talk about euphoric relaxation or relaxing euphoria; in any case, it’s an important sensory trip, both physically and mentally. Think before repeating it.

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