Kiss - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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Mô tả

Cheese x Afghan

  • Seed: Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Relaxing
  • THC: 21,5 %
  • Features: For beginners
  • Flavor: Earthy, Spiced
  • Flowering cycle: 55-60 days
  • Yield: 550 gr/m2
  • Harvest: End of September
  • Yield 800 gr/plant

The seed of love

According to the Spanish rhyme, ‘uvas y queso saben a beso’, which translates as ‘grapes and cheese taste like a kiss’, and this is why this feminised marijuana seed has the name of a lovely kiss. There are many types of kisses so we have to be specific: Kiss is the marijuana plant whose kisses are intentional and prolonged, leaving you wanting more with a little tingle on your lips. It’s one of the most exciting strains in our catalogue and the one we usually recommend when you want to prepare a surprising gift for a seed lover.
The idea of ​​creating this variety was simple. We at Kannabia Seeds have always been fans of the British Cheese, a very particular legend that’s almost disappeared from the map, and we had a genuine and extremely significant clone from the ‘90s at our disposal. We worked to refine the shortcomings that didn’t make it a commercial superstar (related to its productivity and timings), and we didn’t stop until we succeeded. It’s like the original Cheese but it yields more, is more stable and balanced, has a more marked flavour, and you’ll love it from the start. You’ve got to try it!
You’ve got to be sure before daring to kiss anyone and, for this, we crossed her with an Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif to give her that self-confidence. We have a great deal of experience interweaving the properties of very reliable Afghan seeds with other familiar strains, and the Kiss marijuana seed is a prime example of this. It’s a 70% indica-dominant seed with a fairly high THC level (21.5%), so you’ll feel love at the first kiss.

How to: Kiss

The original ’90s Cheese was well known for its cheesy flavour – the British obviously liked that point – but also because it took a lot of work to get it to produce anything decent. With the Afghan cross of Kiss, backcrossed again with Cheese to lift the dairy flavour, we’ve achieved a contemporary marijuana plant that offers the yield that today’s growers aspire to.

It’s adaptable indoors and outdoors without any problems, also resulting in quite enthusiastic productivity. Due to its spindly growth with a large robust central cola and short internodal distance, it’s perfect for Sea of ​​Green crops as well as with hydroponic systems. It grows with powerful buds full of resin (think of the extractions), and it takes on a wonderful golden colour in the flowering phase which, combined with its aroma, will make you think of the best cheddar cheese in the world. You’ll collect 450 grams per square metre after a flowering cycle of between 55 and 60 days.

Outdoors these virtues soar. It becomes a two-metre-tall cypress-shaped bush, which can yield no less than up to 800 grams of cheese per plant. As a good skunk, it can withstand adversities, fungi and pests, but don’t go overboard with the nutrients. As well as all of this, bear in mind that it will be ready for harvest at the end of September. All these are advantages!

Flavour and effect of Kiss

Well, it’s clear that Kiss tastes like cheese, right? If you’ve already had the opportunity to try the British Cheese this strain stems from, very pleasant memories will come to mind. The earthy note makes it a vintage cheese reserved for important occasions; and the skunk factor gives it that pleasant, unmistakable Afghan flavour.

The effect is predominantly indica and not lacking in strength. This is a seed with a clear view to relaxing, extremely physical and just perfect to get your money’s worth from your settee. All the same, if you take out a cheese board and a kiss board with friends, it can lead to some very interesting debates.

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