Limited Edition - Zkit Kandy Dream - Auto

Size: 5+2 hạt

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Mô tả

Zkittlez x Ruderalis

  • Seed:  Autoflowering
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Stimulating
  • THC: 19 %
  • Culture: SOG, Warfare
  • Features: For beginners, Good for extractions
  • Flavor: Fruity, Sweet
  • Complete cycle: 70 days
  • Average height: 120
  • Yield 600 gr/m2
  • Yield 250 gr/plant

A tasty piñata

Since we started offering Zkit Kandy Dream at Kannabia Seed Company we knew that we had to get a stable autoflowering version that presents the same organoleptic properties and the same performance. It wasn’t exactly an easy mission, but we made it. We present the Zkit Kandy Dream Auto, just as sweet and productive, but with even shorter times and even greater reliability. It’s the perfect plant!

As you know, by its genetics flows the sweetness of the Zkittlez, one of the sweetest and tastiest North American seeds, with a very remarkable indica thrust and that characteristic flavour of tropical grapes and grapefruit. If the Zkit Kandy Dream Edition is fast in itself, with a flowering that did not exceed 60 days, the autoflowering version is made for the most impatient to taste the most precious candy of the piñata. We have combined this genetics with our best Ruderalis to get it stabilised and remain appetizing. We notice more than ever its grapefruit touch in the palate. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water. 

This automatic seed has been created to contain sativa features. In fact, some detail in the appearance during its growth is reminiscent of this subspecies.

How to: Zkit Kandy Dream Auto

The feminized marijuana seed from which this wonder comes was already reliable and safe. In its autoflowering version it is even more resistant. We already know many beginners who have had the Zkit Kandy Dream Auto among their first crops and have watched with joy how they managed to get where they wanted. It is a plant that with ease and basic nourishment offers a lot of resin, so we usually recommend it also for fans of extractions.

The ideal is to grow it indoors, provided we control the height well, and for this we need to respect the times. Naturally it will reach 1.20 meters. It is a perfect plant to take cuttings and make a green and bushy SoG. The complete process will only take 70 days with standard photoperiods of 18 or 20 daylight hours and a normal nutrient level. And this in order to collect 600 grams yield per square meter, this is many grams! The only thing we are going to suggest for the Zkit Kandy Dream Auto is that you need an activated carbon filter to control the smell, because you could bother the neighbourhood. It smells great, but of course, not everyone has to like it.

You can also grow it outdoors, in guerrilla, if you have a special place for it. It is likely to grow a little more than indoors, around 1.40 meters, with a production that easily reaches 250 grams per plant if you are looking for a way to grow in the calendar with good sunbathing. If you sow in March, it will be ready in September.

Zkit Kandy Dream Auto taste and effect 

As you can imagine, the taste of this autoflowering marijuana seed is very, very sweet, exciting at the same time. Think of those fruits that are not eaten daily, like mango or grapefruit, a little unripe to make them acidic and refreshing. Its smoke is dense and the aroma on the palate is very durable.

Zkit Kandy Dream Auto effect is still indica dominant, but in its autoflowering version we must say that it can also be the beginning of a great adventure or a great creation. It has a 19% THC level, so you’ll notice. It also keeps its therapeutic properties to treat stress and moments of increased nervousness.

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