Marmalate Early Version - Feminized

Size: 1 hạt

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Mô tả

genotipo30% Sativa - 70% Indica
Maturation(Interior)EARLY VERSION - 45 days
Production500 g/m2 Indoor | +900 g/pl Outdoor

The explosive mixture of the Marmalate already has its Early Version strain. The Critical Mass, with a predominantly sativa appearance and marked indica traits, and the Lavender (with an indica appearance and great sativa details) form this ultra-fast genetics.

This marijuana strain is really easy to grow and very suitable for any environment. It is especially good for cutting, and its fast and vigorous development added to its tolerance to pruning make it perfect for a Scrog.

If you have gone through the description of the original version of this genetics, you will have seen that the genetics stands out for its height. In its fast mode, you no longer have to worry about controlling the excess of height, because you will find a much more compact plant.

It produces large buds with blueish edges and a large amount of trichomes with a very penetrating and intense aroma. When inhaled, it has a sweet taste of grapes and candies, with sweet notes like vanilla or very aromatic wood.

Marmalate Early Version causes an effect of cerebral stimulation, accompanied later by a feeling of physical relaxation of very pleasant medium intensity. It is very suitable for medicinal use, because in addition to having a powerful analgesic effect, we can consume it at all times without too psychoactive effects that can be annoying in certain people or circumstances.

Genotype 30% Sativa - 70% Indica
THC 21%
Maturation(Interior) EARLY VERSION - 45 days
Maturation(Exterior) early september
Flavor Sweet fruit
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 500 g/m2 Indoor | +900 g/pl Outdoor
Odor High
Effect Cerebral
Resistance to mold Medium
Pest resistance High
Sex Feminized
Lineage Marmalate x Ruderalis
BHO Performance 20%
Irrigation tolerance Medium
Medicinal Value High

1º premio outdoor Copa asociación mf 2013

2º indoor – copa txapelketa 2013

3º premio THC Valencia en extracción de BHO 2014

1er premio exterior copa San Canuto 2014 (Fuerteventura)

3º premio copa pro 2014 ( Asociación Natura Verde - Cannarias )

1 º premio BHO Kalamu Eguna 2015

1 º premio interior Kalamu Eguna 2015

3º Premio Miranda del Ebro -BHO (HempTools)

1º Premio BHO - Secret Cup - Canarias 2015

1º Premio Indica - ExpoWeed 2015 - Chile

3º BHO - Castelló Cannabis Cup - 2016

2º BHO - Assonabis Cup 2016

2º BHO - Fresh Cup Zaragoza 2016 (Asoc. Greenskull)

3º Prize Hash - Copa CABA - Argentina 2017

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