Oracle Octane - Feminized

Size: 3 hạt

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Mô tả

  • Genetics: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Blackberry Octane x Black Oracle
  • Yield: 550 g/m² • 850 g/plant
  • Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Harvest Outdoors: End of September
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Height: 120-130 cm • 200-250 cm
  • THC: +35%
  • Aromas / flavors: Berries, citrus, sweet

Oracle Octane

Oracle Octane is a highly potent super high THC strain made from a selected, exceptionally THC rich and aromatic Blackberry Octane and the previously unreleased heavyweight Blackberry Oracle from our own gene pool. The development of this charismatic and impressive strain spanned 8 generations and an enormous breeding effort.

The result was worth all the effort and expense. Oracle Octane offers a whole new level of stimulant, narcotic, and sensory-enhancing effects—effects that will affect even the highest of tolerances. In addition, the strain has an unforgettably intense flavor reminiscent of sweet berries and fresh lemons. The high concentration of cannabinoids and the special combination of terpenes create a euphoric, intense and long-lasting experience that you will never forget. The Oracle Octane high hits in a few seconds after the exhale, flooding the entire body with an uplifting feeling of happiness that skyrockets. As you sink deeper and deeper into this euphoric state, strong soothing physical effects will set in, slowly lulling you into a deep state of relaxation while letting your senses dance.

Plants from seed grow stunningly beautiful and their leaves and buds often develop shades of red, deep purple and even almost black. Towards the end of the flowering period, the sturdy branches bear huge, glittering flower clusters that exude a heavenly fruity-sweet scent. The vigorous, slightly indica-dominant strain has a flowering time of around 9 weeks, produces large leaves, has a slender habit and reaches a height of around 120-130 cm indoors. The plants develop a multitude of large, juicy buds that are coated in such a thick layer of resin that they are almost white by the end of the flowering period.

Therapeutic effects

Oracle Octane is used for chronic pain, depression, spasms, insomnia and chronic stress.

If you’re looking for a whole new innovative strain that combines a unique aroma with mind-blowing potency and outstanding yields, then you’ve found your new star in Oracle Octane. She will inspire you just as much as we do.

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