Pineapple Madness R2 – Feminized

Size: 5 hạt

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Project born to bring some real pineapple terps on the table.

Crazy Noa (Noa X Space Jam), one of our long terms project, where at first we discover this raw pineapple terp.
This cross produced a wild range of terps from where we could selected the first example of our pineapple. In this cross Space Jam showed the ability to improve the terps production in everything she touch.

After many test we found the perfect match to improve the piña side with the Strawberry Banana from @dnagenetics.

Stawberry Banana came to us from our friend from U.S. We immediately recognized an amazing resin production with big trichomas heads, that you can easy harvest up on the 150 micron water hash screen.
Her strong terps are more on the cherry side than the banana.
This plant has a short structure that can produce really well.

The result of the first cross we did, showed in most of the pheno an incredible freshly squeezed pineapple terp profile with sweet candy notes, without any rotten fruits terps.

We did a bigger hunting to find a true representation of what for us means pineapple. We crossed together the 2 best phenos we’ve found in our hunt, to create Pineapple Madness R2.

You can expect good resin production, thanks to the Strawberry Banana lineage.

Mother lineage: Pineapple madness #17

Father lineage: Pineapple madness #16

Flowering time: 60/65 days

Height: Medium/Tall

Yield: High

Smell and taste: Freshly squeezed pineapple, with sweet and sour notes

Resin production: Good terpy heads

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