Runtzbert – Feminized

Size: 3 hạt

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The infamous Runtz, crossed with our well know Key Lime Pie form Norcal Genetics.

Runtz represent the peak of Gelato 41 crosses nowadays.
Once we reached the original cut and grow her few times, as soon as we started to think in witch plant from our library will match with this cut and we immediately thought about Key Lime Pie.

KLP come to us in 2016 by Kalada Crew, whom bring it back from them journey in Humboldt. This plant has gifted to them by Norcal Genetics.

In this cross you will find good vigor, and a typical Gelato structure.
Most phenol resemble full Runtz bag appeal and terp profile.
About 30% of pheno showed more KLP dominance, with an additional lime pie notes compare to a classic Runtz nose.
Production is really surprising, outstanding both of parents without losing quality.
Her flowering time is around  60 days. Is an heavy feeder plant.

Mother lineage: Runtz

Father lineage: Key Lime Pie from Norcal Genetics

Flowering time: 60/65 days

Height: Medium

Yield: Huge

Smell and taste: Keeps all the amazing terps profile of the Runtz with an addition of candy and lime from the Key Lime Pie influence

Resin production: Much better than the mother Runtz’s clones, medium return with sandy and ultra terpy heads

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