Speedy Boom - Auto

Size: 1 hạt

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Mô tả

Ak47 x Ruderalis

  • Seed:  Feminized
  • CBD: <0,5 %
  • Effect: Stimulating
  • THC: 13 %
  • Features: For beginners
  • Flavor: Earthy
  • Complete cycle: 65-70 days
  • Average height: 65-70
  • Yield 400 gr/m2
  • Yield 180 gr/plant

Here We Go

This autoflowering marijuana strain has been one of the best sellers of our seed bank for three years thanks to its yield, efficiency, and the load of joy it packs. In its veins runs the blood of royalty combined with the picaresque streak of the common people, bringing together the best of both worlds. Speedy Boom Auto, also known as Speedy Gonzales, is highly appreciated by growers who want a reliable and curious plant that gives off good vibes.

Yes, its mother belongs to the aristocracy. The Kaboom or African Queen is a sativa monarch that, mixed with a Ruderalis, has given rise to this small but potent rascal with optimized flowering periods and great yield. 

This is an indoor animal (well, plant) – and indoors is where it fully develops. A captive gremlin with thin, serrated, dark leaves that will make you laugh with its intense psychoactive power every time you take it out for a walk. With each testimonial that we receive, we are closer to being able to say that this is one of the best automatic marijuana seeds in our catalog.   

How to: Speedy Boom Auto

Little can be said for how to grow Speedy Boom Auto so that it works, because this is a very hearty marijuana plant in and of itself. However, we must emphasize that it should be grown indoors because it does not reach much of a height (always below one meter) and because, with a Sea of Green technique, it will give you great performance. The best thing to do is to apply photoperiods of 18/6 during growth and 12/12 during flowering. 

You’ll see how that average internodal spacing evolves towards a fir in terms of shape – with the cola being the protagonist. The buds are tight and consistent, populated with glitter trichomes… and, if you dare to experiment, you can further reduce light exposure in the last few weeks of flowering to make them even more potent. The entire process should take between 65 and 70 days and yield no less than 400 grams per square meter.

Outdoors it will also grow well because that’s why it’s an all-road automatic strain – but it will always have a low height. You’ll find that it’s plump, almost as wide as it is tall. Plant this autoflowering marijuana seed between March and October (if possible in the spring or at the beginning of summer), and you will harvest approximately 180 grams per plant. Don’t do transplants and let it get as much sun as it can. It resists mold and pests well, but keep an eye on it just in case – especially at the end of the process. 

Flavor and Effect of Speedy Boom Auto

Speedy Boom Auto has a spicy aftertaste, which is to be expected…. It also has a sweet and fruity flavor, very fresh. It is the closest we have to trying an excellent fruity menthol caramel. 

Its effect is very stimulating. It either gets you laughing or drives you to save the world with new ideas. It has 13% THC levels and its sativa nature brings you euphoria and joy. Highly recommended to treat states of anxiety or sadness. It is also ideal for sharing positive experiences with friends and awakening the part of the brain that makes us happy.

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