Sugar Candy - Feminized

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genotipo40% Sativa - 60% Indica
Maturation(Interior) 50 to 55 days
Production600 g/m2 Indoor | 2000 g/pl Outdoor

Sugar Candy (DS22) - A while ago, the guys from the Delicious Seeds kitchen set ourselves the challenge of trying to create a perfect strain, an indica/sativa hybrid with strong indica characteristics and a touch of sativa that would find pride of place in our catalogue. We started searching for the best specimens from our entire genetic bank and, after extensive testing, discovered that by crossing two of our super champion strains we'd create exactly what we were looking for; neither indica nor sativa but a combination of the best characteristics of each.

We ended up by choosing only the 2 best specimens of each of Sugar Black Rose (DS27) and Caramelo (DS20) from among a thousand tested, which we then crossed together to achieve a plant that we believe best represents the philosophy of Delicious Seeds.

This plant redefines the meaning of "bouquet". Its taste and aroma are son complex that, at times, you only have to be in the same room to feel high, and then relaxed.

The plant itself is of medium height, neither indica nor sativa, with a thick central stem that supports an incredible production of lateral and secondary branches that produce large tight buds with yields of more than 600g/m2 and resin with THC levels up to 25% in some cases, making any other strain pale into insignificance by comparison. It produces so much resin that it's sometimes difficult to make out the real greeny purple colour of the plant.

The taste and aroma are so complex and difficult to explain that we can only summarise as: mango and biscuit with hints of spearmint, a touch of liquorice and an incredible tinge of lavender.

Try it for yourself to discover the new taste that will change the cannabis scene forever and which we're sure will give us a great deal of pleasure over the next few years.

Genotype 40% Sativa - 60% Indica
THC 25%
Maturation(Interior) 50 to 55 days
Maturation(Exterior) late September
Flavor Citric fruit
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 600 g/m2 Indoor | 2000 g/pl Outdoor
Odor High
Effect Cerebral
Resistance to mold High
Pest resistance Medium
Sex Feminized
Lineage Caramelo x Sugar Black Rose
BHO Performance 22%
Irrigation tolerance High
Medicinal Value High

2º Outdoor – Asonnabis Cup 2015

1º Indoor – IX Cata La Plana baixa - Castellón 2016

2º Outdoor - Cannamex 2016 (Miguel Angel Houseplant Don Benito)

1º BHO - Assonabis Cup 2016

3º Premio Hash - Copa Cannamex - Mérida 2017

2º Outdoor - Copa de los Andes - Chile 2017

1º Indoor - Copa Diagonales - Mar del Plata 2017 (Ananda Grow Lagomar)

3º Outdoor - Copa Cannamex - Mérida - Spain 2018

1º BHO - Copa Cannamex - Mérida - Spain 2018

2nd Prize Outdoor - Copa Mendoza - Argentina 2019 (@vilerslm)

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