Swiss Dream Rosé CBD - Automatic

Size: 1 hạt

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Mô tả

  • Ratio: 23:1 (CBD:THC)
  • Seed:  Autoflowering
  • CBD: 7 %
  • Effect: Relaxing
  • THC: 0,3 %
  • Flavor: Earthy
  • Complete cycle: 63-65 days
  • Yield 500 gr/m2
  • Yield 200 gr/plant

Automatically good

We know that everything is not yet written in stone in the world of marijuana plants, and that’s why we continue researching and creating new strains to expand the range of options at Kannabia Seed Company. Given the excellence and popularity of our Swiss Dream CBD, we have created a new Rosé variety that has positioned itself from the very start among our favorite autoflowering marijuana seeds. The goal was to make it more suggestive, more productive, and more original without losing any of its quality. We love it when plans go well….

The stability that Swiss Dream Rosé CBD Auto offers in terms of cultivation has surprised even us. Its reliability in terms of germination and growth is so high that we would bet everyone we have on it. We have given this jewel from our seed bank a special rosé touch that can be perceived from start to finish. Like its feminized family member, it offers high Cannabidiol levels (7%) with a very low THC level (below 0.3%), although it is somewhat more moderate in that ratio.   

Beyond the properties of CBD that we all are familiar with, this is a plant that may also have a healthier recreational purpose with an indica dominance that in this phenotype is more pronounced than in the version without the “rosé” touch. We would recommend it even for a person with a low tolerance for THC, because they will still not notice any type of psychoactive alteration as well as benefiting from the effects of its cannabinoids.

How to: Swiss Dream Rosé CBD Auto

In its Rosé version, this autoflowering seed is still a very simple marijuana seed to grow. Those distinctive features that give it its own personality do not complicate its germination and development (in fact, quite the contrary happens). Visually, you will notice a difference, because it grows with robustness, it is kush cannabis, and its color will live up to its name, resembling a bushy bouquet of flowers with short internodal spacing and shiny and pointed leaves… it´s more than a marijuana plant. It’s beautiful!

Its productivity is even higher than that of Swiss Dream CBD Auto, having denser and larger buds and a more compact growth pattern. Indoors, keep in mind that it needs a good supply of light because it grows quite quickly, with photoperiods of 20/4 hours. Between 63 and 65 days after planting, you will have a harvest of 500 good grams of top-quality CBD, obtained from plants that never reach a meter (approx. 3 feet) in height.

Outdoors, it is a plant that reaches a few more centimeters in height and it has a lot of resistance to pests and less kind climates. Start the process in March and by mid-October you will have Swiss Dream Rosé CBD Auto measuring more than one meter (more than 3 feet) with 200 grams to harvest per plant.

Swiss Dream Rosé CBD Auto’s Flavor and Effect

The flavor of this marijuana seed continues to retain from its older relative the aroma of conifers and wild fruits, perhaps with more floral notes and closer to strawberry than raspberry… it has a somewhat sweeter nuance. Try it and let us know if you agree. 

The Cannabidiol of Swiss Dream Rosé CBD Auto remains just as fine as always, causing (in addition to physical relaxation) mild, generalized relief that transmits well-being. As it barely has THC, it is perfectly compatible with other activities and has no time or day constraints.  

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