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Super Strains’ most sativa-dominant auto-flower variety

Super Strains thought of outdoor growers in central and northern Europe when we developed the Turing Autoflowering strain. She does exceptionally well in outdoor environments and can put up with pretty rough conditions, including rain, cold climates and irregular sunshine. Turing Auto by Super Strains is an sativa-dominant, autoflowering hybrid known for its characteristic effect, capable of causing even the most experienced smokers to K.O. for a while, before ending on a euphoric note. This lady has a musky taste and a strong stone which will decrease slowly over time. Known for its autoflowering abilities, impressive heights and relatively high 16-18% average THC level, this strain is any Indica lover’s dream.


Smokers will get a long-lasting and strong stone, typical for Afghan genetics

Turing Autoflowering is one of those automatic strains that will put an instant smile on your face. She has everything you could expect from an autoflowering strain: heavy yields and short flowering times. On top of that our Turing autoflower has a wonderful and savory taste, which is accompanied by long lasting and strong stone! Turing Autoflowering may not convince with excessive levels of THC or crazy fruity flavors, but she treats growers to a major growing advantage in return: the power to survive in tough climatic conditions. When a strain can survive in the cold mountain regions of Afghanistan, it can be grown almost anywhere. The flavors of Turing Autoflowering can best be described as a unique blend of musky and woody aromas that will remind you of some famous old school strains.

Turing Autoflower / FLAVOR

The taste of Turing Autoflowering can be described as a unique blend of musky aromas. The aroma is of flowery wood and spicy herbs with an earthy overtone that becomes slightly pungent as the nugs are broken apart and burned. The flavors might be simpler or down-to-earth in direct comparison to some exotic sativa-dominant strains, but often simplicity is the key. Especially when growing outdoors in a challenging climate.

Turing Autoflower / EFFECT 

Smokers will get a long-lasting and strong stone, typical for Afghan genetics. The first thing you’ll notice is a strong relaxing sensation that will get softer as time goes on, leaving the consumer in a euphoric state. The Turing Auto high comes with relaxation that tends to last for hours on end. You’ll feel a subtle lift at the onset of the high, filling you with a sense of happiness that erases any negative feelings or busy thoughts. As you settle into this state of pure bliss, your body will begin to relax into a lightly sedative physical state without becoming too sleepy.

Turing Autoflower / INDOOR 

Although Turing Autoflowering has a flowering life cycle of approximately 8 weeks, indoor growers may need to give some plants a few extra days, depending on the desired maturity level. Her thin, long structure doesn’t grow too many branches and most of the yield is concentrated on the main stem. You can safely plant 16 Turing Autos per square meter without them overlapping. As in many autoflowering strains, it is recommended to place the seedlings directly into the ending pot and using a root booster is highly recommended. Indoors, this strain should be kept at a constant 20 hour light period. Following these tips it is easy to get 1,5 meter high plants.

Turing Autoflower / OUTDOOR

It’s always a challenge to grow in moderate climates with lots of rain, high humidity, and not enough sun to unfold the full potential of a plant. Getting rid of mould-infected buds is one of the most heartbreaking things to do in the life of any grower. With Turing Autoflowering such issues can easily be overcome. She is a strain with extra-sturdy genetics from Afghanistan, giving these plants the hardiness they need to thrive and survive. Harvests can be realized long before the weather changes in autumn, assuming growers plan accordingly. Plant outdoors will produce up to 200 grams per plant. It will take 4 weeks to begin flowering and a total of 80-85 days from seed to harvest.

Type of strain

Mostly Sativa


max. 150 cm


Up to 600 gr/m2

Harvest month outdoor

14 weeks from seed

Flowering time indoor

14 weeks from seed







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