Zhead – Feminized

Size: 5 hạt

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Ladies and gentlemen we are proud to introduce you our award winner strain.

It is the cross between the legendary Zoz (Zkittlez x ( Zkittlez x Og Eddy Lepp)) from Diyng Breed and the 26 mm (Allen Wrench x Zcube) from InHouse Genetics

Since the very first moment we had our hands on the Zoz, we started to looking for the perfect match to keep her incredible Z profile in her progeny.

Zoz (Zkittlez x ( Zkittlez x Og Eddy Leps ))  is a Zkittlez bx1. It is a multicup winning cut well known in the Barcelona community for her amazing Zkittlez terp mixed with strong gas undertones and unusual citric terps like Bergamot.

We found it in the 26mm (Allen Wrench x Zcube). This plant has an incredible resin and vigor with a terps profile that match perfectly with the Zoz thanks to Zcube in her lineage, adding even more gas.

The result is Z Head: a multy-cup winning plant where we reach to keep the incredible terp profile from the mother Zoz, with more vigor and resin. Most of the phenol resemble a pure zkittlez goodness whit an extra hit of gas.

Z Head is a productive and vigorous plant full of terps and super oily resin. It is a strain for truly zkittlez lovers. 

We consider this genetic a real goal. It is a is a perfect plant for any kind of growing, with a good yielder.
The amazing terps of this plant are strong Z taste with an hit of funky lemon kush.

Mother lineage: Zoz (Zkittlez x( Zkittlez x Og Eddy Lepp)) Dying breed

Father lineage: 26mm (Allen Wrench x Zcube) In-House Genetics

Flowering time: 55/60 days

Height: Bushy medium size plant. 26mm dominant phenos can stretch a lot

Yield: Good to be a skittlez cross

Smell and taste: Pure zkittlez goodness whit an extra hit of gas

Resin production: Almost liquid due to the high concentration of terps, gassy

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